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CIO2.0 – White House Names “First Federal Chief Information Officer”

The appointment of Vivek Kundra to become the White House’s “first federal chief information officer” caught my eye in a NYT Caucus alert:

As reported by The Caucus, The Politics and Government Blog of the Times [New York Times, Thursday, March 5th], “[i]n a 25-minute conference call, Mr. Kundra discussed some of his plans and interests, including his intention to extend the use of “cloud computing” in the federal government and to create a data.gov web site that will put vast amounts of government information into the public domain…” [emphasis added]

Perhaps Mr. Kundra meant to say he would make public domain government information more accessible to the people by publishing it freely in an open access government site.

The post continues, Mr. Kundra “sketched out an ambition that is hardly modest: to shatter the assumption that government technology automatically must lag behind the private sector…[H]e will be expected to oversee a push to expand uses of cutting-edge technology. He will have wide powers over federal technology spending, over information sharing between agencies, over greater public access to government information and over questions of security and privacy…” [emphasis added]

“Mr. Kundra … likes to refer to citizens as “co-creators.”

Infoworld has an informative, brief article on cloud computing: Galen Gruman, Eric Knorr. What cloud computing really means: The next big trend sounds nebulous, but it’s not so fuzzy when you view the value proposition from the perspective of IT professionals. Infoworld (April 07, 2008).

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