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Bailout Banks Grows to 26

ProPublica is keeping a running list of banks that are getting money from the Treasury Department bailout:

Which banks are getting the Treasury Department’s billions? As we noted earlier today, a slew of regional banks have signed up for the government’s capital injection program, but the government is not saying which banks are getting taxpayer money.

Based on news reports and press releases, we’ve cobbled together a partial list, totaling 26 banks at an overall investment of approximately $160 billion.

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  1. jrjacobs says:

    Just ran across Many Eyes’ visualization of US bailouts (evidently created by ProPublica as well). Have you used Many Eyes? The service allows anyone to create interactive visualizations from data sets on the site as well as to upload data sets and imbed visualizations in other sites (see below). Very cool!

  2. jrjacobs says:

    ManyEyes is really fun. To test it out, I grabbed annual GDP data (1929 – 2007) from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and made the visualization below. Try it out yourselves and post your visualizations as comments here.

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