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Video of Docs2.0 GODORT preconference

Last month, at ALA Annual Conference 2008, FGI volunteers participated in the GODORT preconference “Docs2.0: emerging web technologies for the government documents community”. At long last, we’ve got the video of all the speakers up and available!! It’s also available on the internet archive (slightly better quality video). You can now access all the slides, video, and notes from the preconference at the GODORT wiki.


  • James R. Jacobs, International Documents Librarian, Stanford University. “Social tagging for building subject portals”
  • Amy West, Interim Head, Government Publications Library, University of Minnesota. “Integration of 2.0 tools like Instant Messaging (IM) for reference”
  • Jim A. Jacobs, Data Librarian Emeritus, University of California at San Diego. “RSS for documents librarians”
  • David Oldenkamp, International Studies Librarian, Indiana University. “Custom search engines with GoogleCSE”
  • John Wonderlich, Program Director, Sunlight Foundation. (keynote) Open House Project
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  1. blakeley says:

    Amy, if you are reading this, thank you so much for the McNeese shout out during your presentation at this pre-conference. I’m honored you used my website as an example even though it was such a work in progress. ;-) Thanks!

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