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10 questions: collaborative question-building for presidential candidates

Here’s a pretty cool project called 10Questions. It’s sorta like Reddit for the presidential election. Here’s how it works:

  1. You ask a video question to the presidential candidates
  2. You vote on the best questions
  3. The top ten questions get selected
  4. Candidates post their video answers
  5. You decide if they actually answered the questions

Go check out the site and send in your video questions. You’ve got 28 days before the top ten questions are presented to the candidates.

Unlike television debates, the 10Questions Presidential Forum makes full use of the web’s potential to expand participation in politics. Everyone has an opportunity to ask a question, and to rally support for their question being in the top ten. The candidates have plenty of time to formulate their answers, and can post in-depth replies. Finally, the community will be able to grade the candidates’ answers. With large numbers of people participating, the candidates will have an incentive to pay attention. Who knows, maybe we’ll even change the course of the election!

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